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Business Central: Second Release Wave for 2020 officially rolled out

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft has released this year’s autumn versions for its business applications. In this context, Dynamics 365 Business Central has again been equipped with several innovations and improvements.

Already a few weeks ago, first details about new features and optimizations of the upcoming version were announced, which again focus on increasing service quality, performance and productivity. As in previous releases, user feedback was also taken into account.

Optimized administration – especially in the cloud version

New features in Dynamics 365 Business Central include an improved overview and management of available database and file capacity and support for an unlimited number of production and sandbox environments in the cloud version.

In addition, the second wave of releases in 2020 offers an extension of the “Feature Management” page with the new concept of irreversible features (features that cannot be turned off anymore).

Productivity features based on feedback

The autumn version again includes features that were explicitly requested and suggested by users. In addition to a new default unit cost for non-inventory items, it is now possible to track packages from more types of sales documents and to automatically resolve synchronization conflicts with Microsoft Dataflex Pro (formerly Common Data Service) if a synchronization with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement has been set up.

In addition, the option to notify users of changes in selected setup fields that could be critical and to check financial journals in the background is now supported. The ability to set up an item reference between the user’s own item numbering and the numbering of the vendor or customer, as well as a clearer listing of available role profiles, will also increase productivity.

More usability in the Modern Client

The general enhancements provided by the new version of the Modern Client also ensure more productive and pleasant working in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Pages with FactBoxes will soon react faster and role centers will also open more quickly.

The general page styling and the action bar in dialog boxes have also been updated, as well as the Page Inspector, which will also supports temporary tables in the future. The report request page can also open multiple previews now.

In addition, accessibility for users with visual impairments and the option to update the terminology of the navigation environment make for greater ease of use.

Other new features

The second wave of releases again extends migration capabilities from previous on-premise versions to more current online versions of Business Central. Further innovations concern among other things the integration into the Microsoft Power Platform and the availability for additional countries and regions. The release of the announced integration with Microsoft Teams is planned for the end of the year.

Detailed information on selected individual new features and enhancements in this year’s fall version of Business Central will be available shortly on our blog.

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