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The path into the next BI generation with the Qlik Analytics Modernization Program

Modern Business Intelligence Tools

Digitalization and technological change have also a big impact on the world of business intelligence. The next generation of BI has therefore long been on the advance, making data analysis more convenient and above all more efficient. With the Qlik Analytics Modernization Program, companies can now easily update their BI system – without having to intervene massively in daily business.

The program, which was introduced a few months ago, is aimed at QlikView users who want to benefit from the extensive analysis options of Qlik Sense in the future. The changeover to the modern data visualization platform is carried out in a self-chosen, conveniently located time frame and without disrupting daily business.

QlikView users will be able to take advantage of Qlik Sense at an optimized cost and in the desired delivery model (On-Premise or SaaS, perpetual or subscription), but will never have to do without the functionality of QlikView.

For example, the ability to automate the upload of local QlikView documents to the Qlik Sense Enterprise Cloud Hub. The Analytics Modernization Program thus simplifies the parallel use of QlikView and Qlik Sense via one engine and infrastructure. To ensure consistent licensing, the QlikView Publisher also supports signed license keys.

QlikView users should be able to use the functional range of a modern and up-to-date platform (e.g. the innovative Augmented Intelligence features) without losing their investment in QlikView. If required, the program also facilitates the complete changeover to Qlik Sense.

Would you also like to modernize your BI system? We would be happy to advise you – contact us!

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