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Business Central: Innovations in cloud migration

Business Central Cloud Migration

With the first wave of releases this year, cloud migration for Dynamics 365 Business Central has been improved again.

More and more companies are switching to cloud operation while using Business Central. To ensure that this runs smoothly, Microsoft also regularly optimizes cloud migration – also as part of the current release.

Optimized overview of the migration status

To provide a structured overview of the current status of the data migration, the cloud migration pages in the application have been revised with the latest release wave. The details now available on the cloud migration status help to always stay informed on the status of the data migration.

The new optimizations ease, for example, to find errors or tables that were skipped during the migration. This provides a summary of which data was moved, overwritten or missed and which errors and warnings occurred during the migration.

Include or exclude tables during cloud migration

The ability to include or exclude certain tables when performing cloud migrations now simplifies the selection of data to be migrated to the cloud. While migrating data to the cloud, it  often occures that not all or even only certain tables are to be migrated.

In future, it will therefore be possible to specify whether a table is to be included or excluded during cloud migration. The prerequisite for this is that it is accessible via AL code and is not marked as internal or only local.

Using telemetry data to set up cloud migration and replication runs

The use of telemetry signals for cloud migration setup and replication runs gives an overview of all ongoing migrations in the different environments.

The first telemetry signals related to the cloud migration tools were already introduced in the previous release. With the Spring 2023 wave, signals for cloud migration setup and replication runs have now been added to the offering.

With these additional signals, cloud migrations can now be more easily reported for all managed environments. In addition, the Power BI app for administrators will be equipped with visuals that also provide an overview of all cloud migrations. The new signals can also be used to alert on certain events (e.g. completion of a replication run).

Note: The listed improvements are primarily relevant for solution partners moving Business Central databases from on-premise to the cloud.

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