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Business Central: Save and customize list views for increased productivity

With the autumn version of Business Central, Microsoft has revised the storage and customization options for list views. The new possibilities save time, increase productivity and are adapted to the cloud and Modern Client.

The amount of data processed in today’s enterprises is constantly growing. This makes it more difficult to maintain an overview and find the required data records quickly and easily in the system. With the right filter a lot of time and effort can be saved. The current autumn version of Dynamics 365 Business Central offers revised options to save and adapt user-defined and commonly used filters as views. This avoids having to set the respective filters over and over again.

The user-defined filter settings can be saved permanently as a view under a name of choice. Personal views, system views and views from extensions can be combined under one pane. The saved views can also be copied, removed or subsequently renamed and edited at any time. When filtering, the entire spectrum of filter expressions, ranges and filter tokens can be applied in order to be able to filter as dynamically as possible to the necessary data.

Save and customize list views in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Compatibility with Cloud and Modern Client

For optimal compatibility with cloud and Modern Client, the way personal views are defined, stored and customized has been fundamentally redesigned with the new autumn version. Because the underlying syntax is now the AL language, views created with earlier versions are not compatible with the new version and are discarded. However, the legacy model for defining list views for a role center object is still available to developers for backward compatibility, but will be obsolete in one of the upcoming releases.

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