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Business Central fall release 2021: Further improvement in bank and payment reconciliation

Business Central Bank Reconciliation

Keeping an overview of all banking and payment processes at all times and ensuring that all bookings have always been recorded correctly is an important key process in every company. Business Central offers a number of helpful functions for this purpose. These have been optimized and expanded again with the new fall release.

With the improved functionalities in bank and payment reconciliation, users can work with them even more efficiently. They also receive additional information during the processes. For example, the payment reconciliation has been optimized and now contains separate number series, a new posting preview and the option to cancel the G/L account register via the payment reconciliation journal.

New features in bank reconciliation

The Bank Reconciliation page has also been improved again. For a better overview, bank items are now filtered here so that only ledger entries according to the end date of the statement are displayed. In addition, the layout of the test report has been revised for better readability. The report also uses the statement date as a filter for the G/L and bank account, so that the focus is on the period to be reconciled.

In addition, when using the auto-matching, it is now possible to decide either not to overwrite any of the already matched entries or to overwrite all of them. In addition, a many-to-1 matching is now possible, so many bank statement lines can be matched against one bank ledger entry.

A new feature also allows differences to be automatically posted when transferred to a general journal when returning to the Bank Reconciliation page. In this way, redundant manual steps can be reduced.

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