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Business Central: Innovations for “non-inventory items” in the fall version 2021

Business Central Inventory

Not all companies process only purely physical items in their ERP system, but also “non-inventory items” such as services. For these, the recently released fall version of Business Central provides some innovations.

Since not all items managed in Business Central are physical inventory items for further processing, but also include services or “non-inventory items”, which, for example, are only for internal use, different item types are available in the business application (inventory, non-inventory and service). The full range of processing functions (e.g. item tracking) was previously only available for inventory items. With this year’s fall release, two of the transactions are now also available for “non-inventory items”.

Add non-inventory items to requisition and planning worksheets

Many companies use requisition or planning worksheets. These are used to collect information on items that are to be ordered in order to eventually place a common purchase order for them. In order to standardize the procurement process for all article types, requisition and planning worksheets can now also be activated for “non-inventory items”.

In this way, “non-inventory items” can be processed in the same way as other item types. By using requisition and planning worksheets in the procurement process, lines for “non-inventory items” can thus be entered there manually from now on. When a purchase order is created, the “non-inventory items” are then also taken into account. This means that the same procurement process can be used for inventoriable and non-inventoriable items.

In addition, a location can now be stored in the order line for “non-inventory items”, as it has been possible for inventoriable items or resources for some time. This can be helpful for reporting purposes, for example.

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