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Business Central: Optimization of the Outlook Add-in

In order to be able to respond more quickly to requests from business contacts, the company mailbox can be set up in Outlook using a corresponding add-in. With the last fall version of Business Central, the Outlook add-in has now recently been extended by several functionalities.

The Business Central fall release 2021 delivered several functional improvements to the Outlook add-in. For example, it is now possible to transfer purchase invoices, which have been attached to an email as a PDF, directly to the “Incoming Documents” area in Business Central via the “Send to Incoming Documents” action.

In addition, the sample email that helps users get started with the Outlook add-in has been updated.

Business Central Outlook Add-in
Updated sample email for a supported use of the Outlook add-in (Source: Microsoft)

Moreover, a simplified wizard now guides individual users through the installation of the Outlook add-in. The installation of the add-in for Business Central Online now uses the more secure OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol, which replaces the legacy basic authentication.

Business Central Outlook Add-in
Improved wizard for easier installation of the Outlook add-in (Source: Microsoft)

In addition to the new features, the fall release of Business Central also includes some bug fixes for the Outlook add-in. For example, the add-in can now also be used for companies whose company name contains symbols or special characters and the “Aged Accounts Receivable” chart is available again in the “Contact Insights” pane.

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