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Business Central 2022 Wave 1: Microsoft releases this year’s spring release

Business Central 2022 Wave 1

On the first of April, Microsoft rolled out this year’s spring wave for its various business applications. Dynamics 365 Business Central was also expanded and optimized again in this course. The new features will be made available gradually over the coming months.

With the new version, Dynamics 365 Business Central is again intended to optimize the onboarding on the use of the application and to increase productivity and user-friendliness. In addition, collaborative business processes with other Microsoft applications such as Teams, Excel and Outlook will again be strengthened, among other things. There are also some innovations in the areas of administration and development.

More user-friendliness in the Modern Client

Business Central will continue to be improved in terms of usability, accessibility, performance and stability. The new version therefore offers the option to copy a link in the “Share” menu in the Web Client, as well as other minor improvements to the user experience. The new PWA app will also replace the Windows Desktop (UWP) app in the future.

New functionality in the app to increase productivity

On the application side, for more productive business processes, the financial and supply chain functions in particular have been improved through various optimizations and enhancements. New features include the ability to block the deletion of G/L accounts, change the company default bank account on sales and service documents, check documents and journals in the background and use different G/L accounts for payables and receivables transactions.

In addition, the first wave of the 2022 release offers new features related to bank reconciliation, payment reconciliation journals and the report selection for projects, as well as more control over deferrals posting and a new user interface for entering demand forecasts. New inventory picking procedures for projects, fixed quantities in product bills of materials and the ability to set default dimensions on locations are also made available.

Improved interaction with Microsoft Teams, Excel and Outlook

In the first 2022 release cycle, Microsoft has invested in streamlined reporting, which includes improved integration with Excel. For example, in addition to new features for financial reports with account schedules, the option to use Excel to design report layouts is now available.

Morever, support for collaborative business processes in teams is further improved, for example, by allowing Business Central pages to be included in a Microsoft Teams channel. In addition, attachments from emails can now be added directly to Business Central documents in the Outlook add-in.

Further innovations and optimizations

In addition to the new features listed, the new Business Central version offers numerous other improvements, such as a range of functions designed to simplify and optimize the management of clients by partners, as well as licenses and authorizations in the administration area. Following the complete transition to Visual Studio Code, the development area is also to be expanded once again. In the future, new help areas, learning tips and tours will also make it easier to get started and work with Business Central as productively as possible.

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