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Qlik Sense May 2022 – What’s New?

Qlik Sense May 2022

Qlik has released the new client-managed version of its data analytics platform. Qlik Sense May 2022 has again been enhanced, particularly in the areas of analytics and visualization.

With the May version, Qlik has rolled out the second release for Qlik Sense on Windows for this year. The new features and optimizations relate in particular to the analytics and visualization areas. Among other things, the Insight Advisor as well as buttons and charts have been expanded and improved.

New features in the area of Augmented Analytics

Via the business logic in Insight Advisor, it is now possible to define the default granularity for a calendar period (e.g. annually, quarterly, monthly). Finally, if one creates default calendar periods in the behavioral rules for analytics, it is possible to specify whether the defined granularity should be used or ignored for a particular analysis.

Enhanced visualization options

Among the visualization innovations in Qlik Sense May 2022 are new options for label color. This allows you to customize how labels contrast with the basemap or colored areas. It is also possible to specify for each map whether the label color should be automatically adjusted depending on the basemap or whether a preferred color should be manually selected.

Qlik Sense May 2022
New options for the label color (here: contrast) in map charts (Source: Qlik)

Background colors can now also be added to KPI charts. This allows more flexibility in customizing visualizations. In addition, numerous new icons have been added to the existing icon set.  

The updated scatterplot also provides more flexibility and a more detailed design. This now supports regression lines (e.g. average, linear, exponential, and logarithmic lines) as well as the second, third, and fourth polynomials. The regression lines can also be customized (e.g. color and type, vertical or horizontal fit and display formula) to quickly see the relationship between two variables.

Qlik Sense May 2022
Scatterplot with regression lines in Qlik Sense May 2022 (Source: Qlik)

Other new features

The button object has been enhanced with new actions in Qlik Sense May 2022 to improve working with on-demand apps and dynamic views. Buttons can now also be used in app development, for example, to make the interface and transition to a new app more user-friendly.

For more convenience, private or public apps can also be marked as favorites for easier and faster access in the hub. The favorite apps will be marked with a star icon and displayed in the new Favorites tab. This section will only be visible in the hub if at least one app is marked as a favorite.

In addition to the new functions listed, Qlik Sense May 2022 includes other new features. For example, Qlik Web Storage Provider Connectors (e.g. Amazon S3, Azure Storage, Dropbox, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Office 365 SharePoint and OneDrive) are now available in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows in the same way they are in Qlik Sense SaaS. In addition, the Qlik Oracle Connector now provides additional security features with support for uploading an Oracle wallet file.

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