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Business Central 2023 Wave 2: Innovations in the Mobile App

Business Central is increasingly being accessed via smartphones or tablets. The options for mobile scenarios in Business Central are therefore constantly being expanded with new functions.

With the latest fall wave, the ability to quickly find pages or data on mobile devices has now been made possible. In addition, barcodes can now also be scanned via the mobile app.

Searching for company data on mobile devices

In this version, the “Tell me”-search has been made available in the mobile app. It is now also possible to search for company data on mobile devices. All authorizations are maintained – users can only open data and pages to which they have access.

Business Central Mobile App
Using the Tell Me search in the mobile Business Central app (source: Microsoft)

The AppSource section is hidden on mobile devices. The option to bookmark pages on mobile devices, just like on the computer, has also been added. All new functions must be activated on the “Function management” page.

Scanning barcodes via the mobile app

Another new feature in the mobile Business Central app is the ability to scan barcodes directly with the camera of a mobile device using a new scanner. The new function can be triggered in different ways. For example, the barcode scanner can be triggered via a special button, a tile on the start page, the opening of a page or via a link.

Business Central Mobile App
Scanning a barcode via a button in the Business Central mobile app (Source: Microsoft)

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