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Business Central 2024 Release Wave 1: Microsoft rolls out this years spring wave

Business Central 2024 Wave 1

Microsoft has rolled out this years spring release of Dynamics 365 Business Central. The new version once again includes various functional innovations and optimizations.

In addition to some enhancements in the application and the development environment as well as a generally improved user experience, the focus of Business Central 2024 Wave 1 lies on the “Projects” area, among other things. Some interesting innovations have also been announced for the coming months regarding artificial intelligence with Microsoft Copilot.

New application features and optimized user experience

The first release wave in 2024 is again intended to improve the handling of general operating and financial processes. To this end, the application will once again be equipped with several productivity-enhancing functional innovations.

For example, service invoice posting policy can be defined for various users and items, item variants and service items can be blocked for use in service transactions. In addition, multiple files can be attached at once using Drag & Drop and new Excel layouts can be used for 35 selected reports. The connection with Shopify is also optimized.

Some smaller innovations have also been announced for the Business Central spring wave around financial accounting. For example, deferral codes can be used in purchase and sales journals. The country of origin for an item tracking code can also be automated during Intrastat reporting. Currencies can also be used when posting employee transactions and the revaluation of the general ledger account can be used for more accurate financial statements. In addition, the new version can also be used to make financial consolidations more efficient.

More artificial intelligence with Copilot

Artificial intelligence has been finding its way into all areas of life for some time now, including the business world. With Microsoft Copilot, Business Central has also received its first AI-based functionalities in recent releases, which are further expanded with the new version.

For example, Copilot will make it easier to map e-documents to purchase order lines and product information. Analysis tabs generated by Copilot will also provide faster insights in the coming months. In addition, it will soon be even easier to learn how to use Business Central, as Copilot will make it possible to call up additional field-specific information without having to search for it.

Enhancements in the “Projects” area

In the area of projects, the new version offers, among other things, a generally improved user-friendliness. In order to simplify the invoicing process and reduce manual effort, it will be possible to create projects that can be invoiced to several customers. It will also soon be possible to send customers a summarized invoice for several projects. In addition, new features will be added to archive projects and make time sheet entry more productive. The option to define default locations and bins for a project or project phase has also been announced.

Sustainable compliance with Business Central

A completely new function will make it possible to record sustainability activities in the company and create corresponding reports. This solution forms the basis for compliance with the EU Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and other ESG standards.

Further innovations and optimizations

In addition to the listed enhancements and new features, Business Central will also be expanded in other areas with this years April release. For example, it will be possible to monitor Business Central processes in Microsoft Purview in future and encrypt data with customer-managed keys. In addition, the ability to manage multiple file uploads and define different file storage areas in Business Central, for example, should ensure greater flexibility and user-friendliness. Developers will also benefit from some new functionalities.

As always, you can find detailed information on selected new features in the new version of Business Central on our blog.

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