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Microsoft Copilot: Innovations for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central Microsoft Copilot

Artificial intelligence is still on the rise and is influencing all areas of life – especially in the business world. The first AI functions were therefore also established in Dynamics 365 Business Central at the beginning of last year with Microsoft Copilot. These functionalities have now been expanded with the latest version and will continue to be expanded in the future.

Microsoft Copilot is a modern AI solution that enables an increase in efficiency in the workplace without neglecting the promotion of creativity.

The use of Copilot promises, for example, quick and simple answers in natural language, time savings through the automation of tedious, repetitive tasks as well as the opportunity to awaken the own creativity with helpful content ideas and to be able to skillfully anticipate and overcome business challenges. This allows to refocus on the essentials in daily work.

Boost creativity with suggestions for marketing texts

For some time now, Copilot in Business Central has made it possible to save time and increase sales with AI-generated suggestions for compelling marketing texts. Based on key attributes such as color, size and material, Copilot can create detailed product descriptions with just a few clicks, taking into account the preferred tone, the desired format and the required length. The suggested text can then be customized and published on Shopify or other e-commerce platforms in no time at all. Recently, the suggestions for marketing texts in Business Central are now also available in German.

Gain time for important tasks

Daily tasks like searching for documents and training new employees can often take valuable time in a company. The conversational chat with Copilot in Business Central announced for this spring will therefore help to answer questions quickly and easily, find data records faster and even learn new skills – all in natural language.

For example, they can navigate to documents without having to use conventional menus. It can also speed up the onboarding of new users by letting Copilot answer questions – such as how, when or why certain actions or activities are carried out in Business Central. Copilot is therefore an everyday AI companion that helps to complete tasks faster, increase productivity and dynamics and thus free up time for the most important work.

Business Central Microsoft Copilot
New Copilot Chat in Business Central (Source: Microsoft)

Improved bank reconciliation with Copilot

Reconciling bank statements with the financial system in Business Central used to be a tedious task every month. After all, meticulously comparing each individual item with new or existing accounting entries takes a lot of time. In the past, Business Central already helped by automatically reconciling many simple one-to-one transactions, but the logic was not yet designed for more complex scenarios.

Copilot now simplifies bank reconciliation in Business Central even further by analyzing bank statements imported into Business Central, reconciling more transactions and suggesting entries for transactions that were not automatically reconciled. Finally, by matching and interpreting transaction descriptions, amounts, dates and cross-field patterns, the accuracy of bank reconciliation can be optimized and manual effort reduced.

More AI functionalities through extensions

With appropriate extensions, even more AI functionalities can be used in Business Central. The “Sales and Inventory Forecast” extension, for example, supports inventory forecasts and uses AI to predict future demand based on past sales data and thus avoid stock shortages.

The Late Payment Forecast extension can also reduce outstanding receivables and optimize collection procedures by predicting whether outstanding sales invoices are likely to be paid on time. In addition, Business Central can also use AI to create a comprehensive cash flow analysis that can be used to monitor the liquidity position of the company.

Work smarter and more efficiently with Copilot in Business Central

Copilot in Business Central thus gives companies a lead in AI-supported innovations that promote creativity and increase efficiency – always using human potential. By integrating AI into everyday business processes, companies can redefine the possibilities in the workplace and secure profitable competitive advantages.

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