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Qlik makes intelligent notifying platform Qlik Alerting available

Qlik Alerting

With the release of Qlik Alerting for Qlik Sense, users can create convertible and centralized self-service alerts. This offers the possibility to proactively monitor business data and respond based on detailed data insights in time.

Qlik Alerting is designed to help users to use their data – through a real-time information loop – more actively beyond the usual analysis purposes and thus exploit its full value. To this end, the analysis of data changes can be directly linked to corresponding alarms and notifications, which are then sent to the users or other systems. Finally, once the real-time data-driven alerts are received, the necessary actions can be taken immediately – exactly when they are urgently needed and have the greatest possible business benefit.

Unlike normal notifications, Qlik Alerting uses the Qlik Engine to generate contextual alerts across the entire data inventory. This gives users timely insight when action is needed. The notifications in Qlik Alerting are based on a variety of in-depth criteria, such as advanced statistical calculations and trends, comparisons and percentage changes, nested logic and drill-in dimensional functions.

Self-service alerts are also included, as well as centrally managed, company-wide alerts sent via email and mobile apps. Users are then guided directly to the relevant dashboards and analyses with the right choices for the appropriate actions to be taken.

The combined use of Qlik Data Integration, Qlik Data Analytics and the new Qlik Alerting is designed to provide users with a fully intelligent data lifecycle – from data preparation and analysis to the shared utilization of the gathered insights.

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