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Qlik Application Automation: New templates and updated connectors in October

Qlik Application Automation has again been enhanced with several new features in October. Among the optimizations are new automation templates.

In order to work with Application Automation as efficient and pleasant as possible, the functionalities are continuously supplemented and optimized by Qlik. In October, Application Automation was therefore again enhanced with various new templates and updates in the area of connectors.

Automation templates for alerts and version control

Qlik Application Automation now includes two new alert templates that notify the owners of the respective automation if it has failed or not run in the last X days. In addition, via two new version control templates, an automation can now be exported or imported to GitHub.

Qlik Application Automation Templates
New alert template for notification of failed automations (Source: Qlik)

New Qlik Enterprise Manager templates

Another new template triggers all tables in a Qlik Replicate task to be reloaded when an error occurs while processing a table. Reloading is often sufficient to resolve the table error that occurred. The Qlik Replicate task can then be continued.

Another new template can be used to email a list of all Qlik Replicate servers whose licenses are about to expire. This way, administrators are notified in time and can take appropriate action before the licenses expire.

Updates in the connectors section

New blocks in the Microsoft Teams connector now allow sending chat messages to specific users instead of an entire channel. This allows chat messages to be sent to a new or existing chat when action is needed for the specific chat members.

New blocks in the Qlik Cloud Services connector will also provide tenant administrators with license information for their Qlik Cloud tenant. The blocks can be used to display license assignments, consumption, and an overview of the respective license.

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