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Business Central: Optimized action bar in lookup dialog boxes

Dynamics 365 Business Central is continuously being optimized and arranged more efficient for the easiest and most convenient operation possible. With the most recently released version, the action bars in search dialog boxes have also been improved.

When searching for a record or looking up information in Business Central, it often used to happen that a user was misled or distracted by the large number of available actions given to him in the search dialog box.

With the  latest released version of Business Central, the presentation of actions in these search dialog boxes has been reduced and simplified. The changes only affect dialog boxes with “OK” and “Cancel” buttons, such as advanced lookups or pages that are launched modally by code.

Business Central action bar
Search dialog box with compressed action bar in Business Central (Source: Microsoft)

By displaying fewer actions, the user interface becomes clearer and the user does not lose focus on his main task, which is to select a record. The simplified search dialog box can be expanded back to a full action bar at any time if needed. Business Central saves this setting.

The optimizations can already be activated now and will be introduced by default in all environments with the upcoming Business Central 18 update.

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