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Qlik Sense November 2022 – What’s New?

BI vendor Qlik has released the new client-managed version of its data analytics platform. Qlik Sense November 2022 contains innovations in the areas of analytics and visualization as well as connectivity.

The November version is the last release for Qlik Sense on Windows this year. The new features and optimizations mainly concern the customization of charts and the Insight Advisor.

Enhanced visualization capabilities

With Qlik Sense November 2022, it is now possible to create custom tooltips for KPI objects, i.e. for the first time also for objects without dimensions. The tooltips are displayed when the mouse pointer is hovered over the respective object.

In addition, the number of visible bubbles in scatter plots can now be specified. Scatter plots can be configured to display up to 100.000 data points. If more than 5.000 bubbles are visible, the associated labels and out-of-bounds bubbles will no longer be displayed.

App developers will also be able to design the font for titles, subtitles, and footnotes in map charts. This provides more options for customizing visualizations.

In addition, font properties (family, size, and color) can be customized for labels in different types of map layers. This is possible for point, area, chart and line layers.

New features in the Augmented Analytics area

Insight Advisor Search provides a streamlined Insight Advisor experience to automatically create efficient data analytics and insights within the app. In doing so, Insight Advisor can now also be opened via a new button without having to leave the current sheet. The new “Ask Insight Advisor” search field, which is now displayed at all times in the dashboards, can then be used to generate insights even more easily using natural language processing. Finally, the automatically generated analyses and visualizations can be refined and added directly to dashboards for further investigation.

With Insight Advisor, analyses including visualizations, comments and even entire tables can be generated automatically. The user can now select the desired type of analysis (e.g. comparisons, rankings and trend analyses) via the new Insight Advisor “Analysis Types”, which is then generated by Insight Advisor with the help of artificial intelligence. The function also helps to select the appropriate data and options. Afterwards, the analyses automatically generated by Insight Advisor can still be edited and inserted into dashboards for further examination.

Qlik Sense November 2022
Insight Advisor interface for selecting the desired type of analysis (Source: Qlik)

For more in-depth analysis, Insight Advisor Chat now offers the “Explore this further” option, which allows users to ask follow-up questions to an original question.

Other new features in Qlik Sense November 2022

In addition to the new visualization and Insight Advisor functionality, Qlik Sense has again been enhanced in terms of connectivity with the November 2022 release.

Among other things, the ODBC data source performance has been optimized when working with larger data sets. All new connections automatically use the bulk reader feature. In addition, various standalone web connectors have been integrated into Qlik Sense Enterprise.

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