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Business Central: Automatic insert of recurring sales and purchase lines

In many companies there are sales and purchase orders in everyday business life which are used repeatedly. With Business Central, predefined recurring sales and purchase lines can now be automatically inserted to handle such frequently used sales and purchases more quickly and conveniently.

Business Central provides the ability to set up default lines for frequently created sales and purchase rows with similar data (e.g. in recurring sales and purchase documents). Finally, in the latest version, the existing “Recurring Sales/Purchase Lines” feature has been enhanced to automatically insert the recurring sales or purchase lines set up for the customer or vendor into documents.

Business Central Purchase Lines
Automatic insertion of recurring sales lines in Business Central

The automatic insert is carried out if only one recurring sales or purchasing line has been set up. If there are several sales or purchasing lines for the customer or vendor in question, the user has the option to select the line to be inserted via a notification.

The new functionality can be applied to new documents created from a document list (e.g. by selecting the action “New” on the page “Purchase orders”).

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