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Data transfer made easy with the BC Suite Data Provider from prisma informatik

With the BC Suite Data Provider from prisma informatik, data can be transferred quickly and easily from the ERP system to the desired evaluation software – time-controlled and in self-selected, regular cycles.

BC Suite Data Provider

A company’s data often contains a great deal of potential, which, used in correct ways, can bring enormous benefits. Those who exploit the value of their ERP data to the full can use it to gain comprehensive new insights, make more efficient strategic decisions and secure important competitive advantages. But evaluating the relevant information also depends on the right analysis tools. Ideally, it should always be done via a suitable platform, such as Qlik Sense or Power BI.

But before the data can be analyzed at all, it has to be transferred from the ERP software Dynamics 365 Business Central to the respective analysis software. The BC Suite Data Provider from prisma informatik provides a convenient export functionality for the rapid provision of data from Business Central. The use of this module is particularly helpful when classic web services are not suitable for the required data export and an alternative becomes necessary.

BC Suite Data Provider – How does the module work?

The dynamic BC Suite Data Provider offers the export of the required information in table form out of the ERP system on a time-controlled basis at regular intervals (via task queue). The data is finally loaded into Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure Blob Storage and can be uploaded to the desired analysis platform for further use. Which tables are exported can be defined independently. Data exchange with Azure Blob Storage files is a standard feature of the analysis platforms.

Setting up the module is also very simple. The BC Suite Data Provider is installed in the desired Dynamics 365 Business Central environment as an extension via the extension management in no time at all and can then be used immediately for data export.

Solution with numerous advantages

Users of the BC Suite Data Provider benefit from fast and easy data provision from Business Central through an extremely dynamic export functionality. The transfer takes place time-controlled (e.g. daily or hourly) and individually of desired tables or, if required, only individual fields. No complex Business Central programming is needed to configure tables for data transfer. The data export allows different formats (e.g. json, xml, csv) as well as different field labels for json files (FieldNo, FieldName, Caption), which provide intelligent processing structures in the receiving systems.

The transfer of calculated fields (SIFT fields) from Business Central (e.g. customer balance, item stock, item availability etc.) and the transfer from multiple clients (multi-client management) are also possible.

Because data exchange via cloud spaces (Azure Blob Storage) is included in the standard of common analytics platforms (e.g. Qlik Sense and Power BI), lengthy upload and download times are eliminated. This ensures a very high transfer speed compared to standard web services.

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