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Qlik Sense Cloud: New features and optimizations for charts and worksheets

Qlik Sense Chart Optimizations

For the most comprehensive analyses and visually appealing visualizations possible, Qlik is continuously expanding and optimizing the design options in Qlik Sense charts. In recent weeks, the cloud version of Qlik Sense has therefore once again improved the design options in various charts as well as the download performance, among other things.

The more extensive the options for customizing charts are, the better their clarity and the associated understanding of the data presented can be. Qlik has therefore once again provided new options and optimizations for various charts in Qlik Sense in recent weeks. Improvements have also been made to chart animation control and performance when downloading charts and worksheets.

Enhancements to waterfall, histogram, distribution, boxplot, gauge, and KPI chart designs

From now on, the font style for titles and subtitles can be selected in various diagrams. A new General tab provides new options for changing font type, font size, font color and emphasis. The Chart tab also lets you customize the formatting of scrollbars and custom headers.

A custom background color or image can now be applied to the Waterfall, Histogram, Gauge, KPI, Box plot, and Distribution plot chart types. Any image in the media library can be used as a background. It is also possible to select a single background color or a color by expression.

Chart animation control

When data in a Qlik Sense visualization is changed, for example by making a selection, the transition from the old to the new view can be represented using a chart animation. The animations can now be turned on and off in the app settings.

Animations can be controlled in Bar charts, Pie charts, Scatter plots, Funnel charts (Visualization Bundle), Grid charts (Visualization Bundle) and Sankey charts (Visualization Bundle).

Improved performance when downloading sheets and charts

The preview dialog for downloading charts and sheets has also been updates in recent weeks. The “Download data” action is now the first option here. This reduces preview loading times by eliminating unnecessary API calls. Previously, the first option was the “Download as image” action. This required waiting until the preview was loaded, even if only a data file was to be downloaded.

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